Xilinx - A Synopsis
Sunday, 15 May 2011

Xilinx Semiconductor

Xilinx is surely an American supplier of programmable logic devices. They're currently on the NASDAQ (XLNX) and are recognized for the groundbreaking advances inside innovation in the Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA). These folks were also the first semiconductor company with a fables manufacturing and dealing model. Founded in the Silicon Valley back in 1984, Xilinx fpgas now have their headquarters in San Jose, CA. Headed by Chairman Philip T. Gianos and CEO Moshe N. Gavrielov, Xilinx is continuing to grow from pillar to post in becoming a name the IT industry perfectly applauded for. Couple of their top products range from the Xilinx fpgas and Xilinx CPLDs. Financially, Xilinx are stated to get a renew of $1.8 BN which in 2008 was estimated to be with $375 BN in Net Income in addition to 2..95 BN as a whole assets. Since September 2009, the census showed that Xilinx Datasheets were filled up with more than 3100 employees. Between 1988 and 1990, Xilinx Datasheets showcased the organization to develop annually by nearly $30M annually. With time, post 1990, they grew annually from $50M to $100M. During this time period, among Xilinx distributors funding partners was acquired by certainly one of their competitors. With all the good thing about the AMD acquisition, Xilinx were made to dissolve the deal using their new funding partner MMI thus went public in 1989. Later making use of their turn to San Jose, larger unit companies for example Microsoft, Apple, IBM and Sun Microsystems started becoming lifelong clients. Despite the completive conditions in the mid 90s, Xilinx’s sales grew to $134M in 1992 and rose to $250M in 1993. In 1995, the organization reached the $500M mark with regards to revenue to have sold their products for on the decade. Today, Xilinx fpgas and Xilinx CPLDs power and manufacture a few of the biggest names within the Silicon Valley. They develop and market programmable logic components for software design tools, system defined functions, intellectual property rights, customer training and field engineering. Some of the top product family lines include the likes of Xilinx Virtex, Kintex, Xilinx Artix, Xilinx Zinq and Xilinx Spartan. Later, following the success from the Xilinx Spartan Family, they released their many new Xilinx EasyPath that have been well on par with a number of the top FGPAs that customers all over the world were using. Currently, Xilinx customers represent over fifty percent from the entire world’s programmable logic market. With sales area of 51%, the only real strongest competitor for many years is Altera with 34% in the share of the market. Other key competitors towards the Xilinx Spartan and Xilinx FGPAs are Actel and Lattice Semiconductor.

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